Looking for an Open Market House-Share (Part D) in Guernsey?

Guernsey to piękne miejsce do życia, ale na wyspie obowiązuje nowa ustawa o zarządzaniu populacją od 3 kwietnia 2017 r., która wymaga, aby każdy, kto nie jest Lokalny, musiał posiadać zezwolenie na pracę LUB zezwolenie na pobyt na otwartym rynku.

As Open Market properties in Guernsey are in short supply they unfortunately come at a premium.  Jeśli wynajmu część domu lub mieszkania na własną rękę nie jest opłacalne, możemy zaoferować alternatywę wynajmując Ci sypialnia z łazienką w jednym z naszych części D (the only category allowed to operate as a house share) house-shares with shared living/dining rooms and kitchen. This gives you the best of both worlds – your own space and the chance to socialise with others if you wish! Choosing an Open Market house-share in Guernsey is a more affordable way of finding Open Market accommodation in Guernsey.

Mamy dwie duże oferty akcji Guernsey Part D Open Market 11 rooms between them. Simply click on the Gallery tab for some pics of the houses…

Oba domy znajdują się w mieście (St Peter Port) i zajmują się profesjonalistami pracującymi w różnych branżach – nie tylko sektor finansowy. Oni oferują :-

  • fully furnished bedrooms with king-size beds even in rooms for single occupancy – all you need to bring is bedding, towels and hangers
  • fully equipped kitchens including crockery, cutlery, cookware etc
  • dwa piekarniki i płyty grzejne oraz dodatkowe lodówki i zamrażarki itp., aby umożliwić kilku osobom jednoczesne gotowanie bez potykania się o siebie!
  • 2-3 washing machines and driers to eliminate weekend laundry queues!
  • ładnie urządzone salony z dużymi telewizorami z płaskim ekranem
  • one of the houses has two living rooms and some of the rooms in the other are so large that they have their own lounge and dining areas
  • fully maintained gardens and parking
  • WiFi, TV Licence and Occupiers’ Taxes paid by us
  • Utility bills administration to avoid that awful business of owing one another random amounts for the various household bills!

We inspect our houses quarterly to ensure we keep on top of any maintenance issues and ensure that cleaning standards don’t slip. If the thought of living in a house-share as an adult brings back bad memories of student days please think again! Everyone pulls their weight!

Availability varies from being full with a waiting list to having one or two rooms in varying stages of their 3 month notice period. To find out what we have coming up simply call or email Alison 07781 129947 or agago99@hotmail.com There may be rooms that are not yet showing on the What we have Available tab.

P.S. We also have 4 luxury self catering apartments 10 minutes out of Town so if your company is looking for corporate accommodation at any time please give us a call or check out our website: www.selfcateringinguernsey.com.